Just Answer Him

Written in the silence

A thought

Little, like a hope

Melting colors in hues of grace

Through the mind

Over the soul – stirring

Whispers of a prayer

Written in the stillness

A word

Welcomed by poetry

Blameless moments

Erasing the past and comforting

The heart, with a caress

Embrace of light

Raining through the night

A star shines bright

Written in serenity

A sentence

Too old to be called novel

But the thought

Baptizes the dreams

In blazing shades of purple

Lasting lavender and truth

Purposes of the prayer

Pieces of the personality

Lifted up to God’s merciful hand

Praising His eternal gift

Written in the soul

His Son’s love

Falling down in blood stained

Hearts, who believe

Because His light fell across them

Their hearts, souls, breathless

Pieces of their being

His words are scars on hands

Marks that mean we’ve been freed

From the sins that said

We’d always be imprisoned

By the darkness, the dread, the feeling

That intended to end us

Written in silence

His love is forever calling

Just answer Him

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