Lead Me Home, Precious Lord

Revelation 21:4 KJV- And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.

Take my hand, precious Lord

And lead me toward home

I long to build a life that You have

Blessed, a life that is more than

Merely materialistic things

More than just my needs

But a life that is filled up with

Your insights, inspirations

Your dedication to my faith

I want to bring You my hopes

With assurance that I always know

You have everything worked out

I don’t need to worry or plan

You have it all there in your hands

Everything I need and all I could want

All my blessings poured out on me

Through a love that I so often burning

Fervently, inside me with joy and light

Feelings that are more than alive

They’re like a fire falling from the sky

Sanctifying my entire life, my heart

My soul and more… every part of my love

You are my wisdom and my strength

You lift me up when I’m so very weak

You carry me onward when I’m so afraid

You always love me and make a way

To rain down tenderness across my spirit

Free my mind from its darkest fears

Reminding me why I need You so much

You’re the answer to my every want

You keep me sane and inspire me to cope

With everything that comes, all the worry

The loss, the loneliness, the anxiety

You make a way where no way has been

You see me through the nightmares and dread

Free my soul from its place of terror

Guide my heart toward my sweetest desires

You silence the doubts that plague my soul

Show me just the right way to go toward hope

You prepare the way so that my journey home

Is filled with peace that quiets every storm

You are the light that fills up the night

Bringing me warmth dancing through my faith

You linger here with me when I’m so alone

Giving me assurance that I always have your love

And whatever comes, wherever I might go

You’ll be there with me, showing me the path

That will lead me toward the home that awaits

The home on high where my friends will never die

And where I will go when my journey is done

I seek You and your love above everything I know

You’re more than life – You’re the greatest gift

From a God who knows my heart and my soul

And gives me the hope of a heaven where I’ll know

You are the answer that saved my heart and soul

Freed me from the sorrow of a life with no hope!

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