Letter To God

Dear God of love

Send hope from above

You’re the answer to a prayer

For light to smile across this heart

Whispering faith, joy and grace

Please, dear God

Shed your wonder from above

Your kind and gentle favor

Upon the soul who labors

Longing for the answer, the way

To find serenity in the day

When hurt has been the companion

And leaving a heart feeling less than

Even like there is no answer

Please, dear God above

Rain down the sweetness of your love

Open the door to faith that abides

Breathing inspiration on the inside

Where I know you will always reside

A intimate peace that is so very alive

You shine through the spirit

Burning away the darkness and doubt

Filling me up with kindness throughout

Please, dear God, my Father

Send your grace to this place

Of sadness and worry, pain and dread

Fear that mingles with sorrow

Bringing disgrace to the heart

And crushing the spirit with thoughts

That bring destruction and despair

A shadow of the heart in pain

Feelings so humbling they never fade

But silence all the joy that might be

Dear God in heaven,

Please pour out your warmth

Freeing me to love like you do

With a love that is wise and true

A love that is like a prayer of praise

Calming the soul and soothing the faith

Of one who loves beyond their dreams

With a love that You have inspired

A love that You left inside them

There to lift, love and guide them

With hope for the promises you sent

With the scriptures, sweet tenderness

Dear God, my beautiful treasure,

The One I know as life, light and love

The answer to my every hope or doubt

The reason I can say that love is alive

And that I know what it means to shout

With a wonder of joy that comes from knowing

You are here with me, living in my soul

Singing triumphantly of joy forevermore

Joy that comes from the hope of heaven

Where You are waiting for me to enter!

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