Listen To Your Heart


Pray for those things

That God can bless

Joy and peace, wisdom

Love that gives out

Kindness and strength

Pray for good things

Which God brings to each

Of the children He feeds

With His truth, His spirit


Ponder those things

That God approves of

Faith, hope and love

Lights sent from above

Singing grace to the world

Reflecting promises

Belief that guides the soul

To the wonder of His love

The miracle of His beauty


Praise for those things

That God Himself brings

Things like knowledge, insight

Inspiration and imagination

Creativity that colors hearts

In beautiful joy, gentleness

A spirit of honesty, sincerity

Serenity that stirs the spirit

To believe in His tender gifts

Pour out…

Pour out light across life

Light that God inspires inside

Light of hope, light of love

Light of faith, light of grace

Light of mercy, light of peace

Light that listens

Light that believes

Rain joy, kindness, thanks

To recognize and honor

The One who gave each one life

Listen to the heart, Listen and believe…

He is the answer to every hope or need

He is the blessing, the miracle, the wonder

He is God and His grace abides on those

Who know He is alive, living on the inside!

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