Little White Church

Little white church

Rising steeple, praying

Stretched toward the heavens

Praises lifted high, exalting

Breathe of holy fires

Burning away the darkness

With His inspiration

His light, insight, grace

Little white church

Hands folded, applauding

Raised in prayer, yearning

Erasing every doubt, each question

All the darkness that obscures

Hopes in shadows of dread

Silhouettes of devastation and ruin

Little white church

Pure, wholesome, graceful

Washed by the crimson flow

From the One who is alive

His presence warm with blessings

Hues of faith, hope and love

From a glorious Savior, the Son

Who made a way amid the grief

Reassured, enlightened, relieved

Little white church

Steeple climbing toward the sky

High above, raised to heights

Reflecting the comfort of a passion

Thriving, surviving every suspicion

Releasing the soul to breathe

Sing and sigh, silencing every reservation

With joy that reflects the sacredness

Beyond these walls and pews

Devoutness, devotion to the One

Who stirs flames of compassion,

Wonders that abide on the inside

Where His spirit is fully alive

Little white church

Open your doors, your heart

So we can enter into your house

Discover the music of acceptance

The gentleness of His protection

The love that gives the soul direction!

Little white church

Never forget – it is His presence

That makes you so unique and special

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