Living Proof

His spirit caresses my heart

Filling me with the joy that is alive

Whispering through the silence

Of beauty and inspiration

Love that penetrates the soul

With the wonder of His brilliance

Streaming through the heavens

Light that reflects so many blessings

Poured out on the one who listens

To faith that believes without question

Believing in the One who came here

To give us a second chance,

A new beginning, salvation of a soul

Who knows the miracle of His grace

Falling soft upon the heart who thinks

He is more amazing than the seas

More worthy of praising than any hope

More hopeful than any vision I know

With Him, there is only the prayer

Of a heart who knows He is always there

Always aware of everything that comes

Every worry, fear – every tear that haunts

The worst there is will surely be consoled

By the power of His spirit sent here to give

Complete assurance, comfort, grace

Guarantee that He is alive on the inside

Where His spirit whispers wonder and love

Proof that He came down to us from above!

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