Looking for Peace

Bring your thoughts to Jesus

Let Him silence all your doubts

Place your faith in His kindness

He is filled with mercy and hope

Allow Him to encourage your heart

With His grace, His joy, His peace

Feel the warmth of His gentle way

Healing all your worries and pains

Bring your yearnings to Jesus

Let Him fill you up with assurance

That love found in His presence

Is love that can destroy all mistrust

Freeing the soul from its past sins

Reassuring the light will shine again

Giving the seeker a second chance

To quiet all fears and wipe all tears

With the love that is forever awing

Bring your wars to this Jesus

Let Him know how you truly feel

Know that His love can destroy

All the darkness that shadows

The world with destruction, dismay

Despair that disgraces every chance

You are given to love unconditionally

With a heart and soul who believes

This Jesus fills the humble heart

With unending peace and serenity

Bring your worries, your discouragement

To the king of kings, the maker of dreams

The light of the world, the keeper of hope

Allow Him to show you the way to discover

A peace that is alive, like a fire inside,

Healing all the sorrow and revealing wonders

Alive inside the one who knows He is…

The answer to every prayer, the giver of life

The whisper of grace fulfilling our faith

With a love that comes alive on the inside

Of the one who knows that this light He shines

Is a light that will destroy all hate or loathing

Bringing kindness out of the shadows of aversion

Reminding the heart that His love is alive

And it is thriving inside the one who loves Him

Bring your battles to the One who knows the heart

And fills up the soul with the strength it needs

To end all war with a love that heals every wound!

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