Lord, Please Help Me

Lord, please help me

I feel like the walls are closing in

Everywhere I look

There is sorrow, darkness and sin

Lord, please help me

I’m walking through a strange land

There is so much pain

And it sometimes feels like more than I can stand

Lord, please help me

I let the worries and sadness into my life

When I yearn for joy

I only feel the discouragement of strife

Lord, please help me

I’m never quite sure I’m on the right track

There is such a feeling of loneliness

My adversary is always there to attack

Lord, please help me

I long to know what it means to hope

There is so much dread

Filling my mind without any way to cope

Lord, please help me

Send down your love to fill my soul

Hear the prayers that I pray

Answer me with serenity to console

Lord, please help me

Lift up my heart with your grace

Free me from this burden

Of fear – lighten my load with your embrace

Lord, please help me

Don’t ever turn me away

You’re the One

Who makes me able to say…

Lord, please help me

I know you’re always there

And I can always know

Your love is forever aware

Lord, please help me

Without a doubt, you’re the One

Who brightens my life

With love that shines like the Son

You’re the answer to my every prayer

The reason that I lift my heart from despair

Crying out to You because I always know

You’re there for me and You truly do care

Lord, thank you

For always being there

A light of hope, faith and love

Sent down from my home above!

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