Love... Fruit of the Spirit

Love is alive, a fire inside

Burning away every fear, each doubt

With kindness and hope, light

From the heart who believes and sees

Jesus in every color, each dream

Across all the mountains and even in the sea

Love is alive, brighter than insight

Turning joy into wonder, silence to peace

Promising the spirit to always be

Shimmering like the stars in the night

With reflections of joy pouring out the light

That will reveal each whisper of tenderness

Love is alive, stirring up new wonders

Filling every thought with beauty and astonishment

Surprising even the past with echoes steadfast,

Washing away all the worry, painting hearts

In splendor so adoring, praising the One who knows

Hearts and souls are on a spiritual journey

Love is alive, magnifying the grace that thrives

Silencing every anxiety, erasing every cloud

With miracles of moonbeams shining

Enlightening the heart and delighting the soul

Enriching every moment with the brilliance of elation

Raining down to remind each heart of His gratification

Love is alive, praising the healer of all strife

The One who rose from death to give us new life

The Creator of hope, the Maker of faith

The One who told us to live, not for material things,

But for those things that bring the heart

Into the presence of His everlasting grace

Love is alive, praying for the blessing to survive

All of the pain, the sorrow, the anger

All of those things that make a heart question

All of those things that leave a soul uncertain

All of those things that bring suspicion and mistrust

Despite all the darkness, believe in the light of a love…

A love that is alive and will always survive the tests of time

Because it is a love inspired… by the One who loves completely

With a heart that reaches beyond every reservation

Into the realms of mercy and peace, everlasting compassion

A sure and honest authenticity, belief that arises from a spirit

Who knows He is the only One who makes a life worth living!

Love is alive – never forget that His love will provide

For every whisper of a need, for every want, each poverty

His love is alive – it is heaven sent, to bring the heart

Assurance, belief… the wisdom to trust in His miracles

Which bring the fruits of the spirit, including this love…

Out of the shadows, into the light, … inspiring appreciation

… for a fruit that’s been planted by His gentle spirit

Love is alive – it only needs to be given

It’s a fruit planted by seeds of generosity

Give and your crop will always be bountiful!

With love like this, there is a harvest so amazing

It will silence every worry, every fear, each tear

Assuring the soul of God’s unending wisdom and favor!

Galatians 5:22-23 (KJV)

22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith,

23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.

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