National Day of Prayer 2022

Dear God, my light and love,

The One I call Father

The One who lives above

Please send Your blessings down

To this Nation, this country

Send salvation and understanding

Peace that is everlasting

Please bless our Leaders

With a gift for discernment

A light that shines upon the world

Creating shadows of hope and love

Please, dear God…

Silence all our fears and doubts

Bless our souls with a sense of praise

For all You are and all You will be

For the gentle instruction,

The sweet, saving grace,

The honest reflections…

Of a heart who believes

Only YOU can save us from

This present darkness

This pandemonium, upheaval

That brings us noise and chaos

Please send your calm, your peace

Your gentle inspiration

To the hearts of our leaders

To the soul of our Nation

And, dear God… Thank you!

©2022 by Regina McIntosh

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