Not Every Morning

Not every morning

Brings peace and joy

Sometimes I awake to heartbreak

Despair and discouragement

Sometimes I arise to problems, trials

Worries that darken my dreams

Sorrows that destroy my wonder

Not every morning

Brings feelings of contentment

Sometimes I come to life with dread

Doubting even the best intentions

Sometimes I am aroused by pain

Feelings of sadness that I blame

For all my moments of disappointment

Not every morning

Brings blue skies and sunlit praises

Sometimes I am awakened to despair

Grief that stings me to my core

Sometimes I arise to calamity, misfortune

Feelings of anguish and misery

A darkness that shadows all of my dreams

Not every morning

Brings me into a gentle hope

Sometimes I am stirred to life

By suffering, pain and strife

Sometimes I feel only the dread

That invades my heart’s best

Sometimes I only know conflict

Never the wonder of peace’s gentleness

Not every morning

Is dancing with beauty

Sometimes I see ugly and nasty

Sometimes I see hideous threats

Sometimes I can’t find my way out

Of the shadows that obscure God’s best!

Not every morning brings joy

But every morning brings a second chance

To believe and receive the joy

Of God’s love, His Son, my Savior

Every morning brings the opportunity

To bow before the King of Kings

Whisper praise for His unending grace

The Gift Of salvation, the reason for each breath

Not every morning brings a smile

But every morning brings a new light

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