On Grief

Darkness settles around the heart

Of one whose light trembles on the air

As the sadness pours over the soul

Who knows a loved one has gone away

The struggle, the grief, is like a soft rain

Never letting up, just wet enough

To dampen the thoughts, the mind

All the wondering of a weeping, mourning

That never stops – it haunts and mocks

Every tear that falls, every lonely ache

Besieged by the faded call of such pain

Dread empties its sorrow into the heart

Who knows that gushing shade of black

Never remembers it is meant to find rest

Amid the hope that comes from the light

Feelings of inspiration found on the inside

Of a soul who sees that love is still alive

Dancing to the tune of memories assured

By their beauty and breath of tenderness

Drifting on the wing kissed air of silent winds

Shimmering in the sky, listening to the One

Who remembers us – our hurt – our worry

The reflections of darkness coloring us in hues

Of madness – crazy colors of the tempest

Who hisses fear through the ebony night

Petrifying dread that grows a freezing alarm

Over our hearts and souls, through our love

Which comes alive with the assurance that He

Will bind up our wounds, heal our grief

And save us from the devil who is greedy

For our pain, our anguish, our misery

The darkness that shudders with the horror

Of knowing that hatred will fight us

Try to destroy all the love, hope and faith

That live inside us to guide us and provide us

With a grace which sustains, a grace that awaits

When we simply say “I’m sorry” and let God

Work out the details of our lives, our love

The way we give and live, the way we will

Become the children that He can fill with His Spirit

He is the answer to every dark and dismal moment

He never stills the joy and He never subdues the love

He arranges for us to know Him the way we know hope

He lets us know we’re His by the way we sense Him with us

He is the Savior of the world and He is our personal Savior!

He is the miracle of all miracles, the wonder of wonders…

The light in my heart – the sparkle in my eyes

The dream that never fades – the kindness that delights

He is my entire life!

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