Only Jesus

Who do I turn to when all roads seem closed by sin and sorrow, doubts and horrors… Only Jesus! – Quote by Poet

Only Jesus knows my heart

He knows how I feel and when I hurt

He knows my thoughts and my dreams

He understands the many worries inside me

Only Jesus knows my hopes

He knows how I wish that I was a better person

He knows my darkest dread and all my discouragements

He understands the things that make me feel so weak, so frail

Like a dandelion – dressed in so many fragile seeds…

As if just a breath could scatter each inspiration, every belief

All the joy that beats out a rhythm in my chest

All the wonder that makes me forget the past’s regret

Only Jesus knows my destiny

He knows what has been and what will be

The good and bad – the happy and sad

The whisper of peace that inspires my faith

The song of praise that brings light to His grace

He knows all my finest ideas, the ones that erase

Each doubt, every fear… replacing the shadows

With light that pours out a sense of gentle quiet

Blessings so alive, so admirable, so enlightening

Only Jesus has the power, the strength

To bring elation to my spirit, pleasure that is brilliant

Wonders so alive and vibrant they feel like the Son

Shining hope, faith and love – across the spirit,

Into the feelings, where there is such a need for Him

The King of kings – the prince of peace – the redeemer

The reason I believe… His light shines through every pain

Freeing me from worry, despair and dread… everything

All the darkness of sin that has been in the past,

The anxiety that colors my life in shadows of doubt

The reminders that He is… the only reason I can feel

Like there is a better day, a brighter way – and I pray

He will never leave me… He will always abide with me!

Only Jesus… sighs, sings, smiles my breathless heart

The heart who is filled with a love, a light, the insight

That comes to life with the knowing… in my soul,

His love, His spirit, His joy is flowing and growing

With every passing moment, ONLY JESUS… reveals

The wonder of a peace that is more beautiful than…

… any hope, dream or fantasy!

Only Jesus… holds the key that will open the heart

… to believe in Him without a doubt

With the spark of a faith that never dies out!

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