Perfect Love

Like the darkness

We struggle to escape

Comes a hopelessness, a fear

Who engraves dread

Across the mind, through the spirit

Inside the one who fails to listen

To the voice of His wisdom

Fear barks orders

To the inner peace

Destroying the silence

With winds of grief

Worries so haunting

They’re beyond deafening

Coloring the sunlight

In apprehensions so dim

It almost feels like

They’re blended with sin

The fright fills the heart

With dissuasion so real

It burns up the wonder

Frees the caged whispers

Of light which reflect

All the joy and beauty

Tossed upon seas of laughter

Filling minds with pleasure

Promises that this worry

Will become only a memory

In the shadows of distress

Pools of melancholy

Reach out to the brokenness

Of one who knows that this is

Despair, dejection, discouragement

Piercing the heart of life

With its sword of misery

Its recession into the fear

That haunts, damaging even

The best courage, all hope

Fear lingers on the soul

Of the one who knows

This darkness is like death

Flickers of uncertainty

Raining defeat into the ears

Of the one who hears

All the ripples of failure

Coursing through the veins

Of this storm, this downpour

Of disappointment, gloom

Yes, it is like a looming

Grimace shading the soul

In trembling despair

Feelings so desperate, so bleak

They feel like light

Can never shine bright enough

To uncover the truth

Fear like this is a prison

But you hold the key in your thoughts

Victory can be found

With only one touch

Of the love that falls down

From the One who gives

Courage to face anything

Any fear, any worry, any dread

He is the answer to destroying

The fear that haunts the soul

With its darkness and dismay

This liquid fear that slithers away

When love is poured out through faith

In the One who brings amazing grace

To teach His children to turn their face

To the heavens where He awaits

And will always be strength so when

They pray – they find the courage

To face any fear, any struggle, any worry

With the love He shines down

To destroy all darkness, all trouble

With a love that is absolutely perfect!

1 John 4:18 King James Version
18 There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.
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