Praise Him in the Storm

Thank you for your blessings

The sun, the moon, the stars

The nourishment of rainfall

The silence of the cool forest

The breath of a gentle wind

The music of birds who sing

Thank you for your blessings

The light of a summer morning

The whisper in a prayer, yearning

The lingering kiss of a child

The voice of a loving soul

The kindness of your smile

Thank you for your blessings

The wonder of a tangerine sky

The miracles twinkling in the eyes

The brilliance of an autumn night

The song that brings faith alive

The prayer for peace on the inside

Thank you for your blessings

They’re poured out on my weary soul

Reflecting all the glory from you

The answer to my prayers, the warmth

The caress of a moment brought alive

In the laughter of a happy child

You’re the One who taught me to love

With a love that is alive and assured

Love that stirs up faith and grace

Brings hope to the darkest place

Lights hearts with serenity awakened

By the soul who knows You, Your way

Is the path toward a Savior who waits

… to fill the heart with His elation

Bring glory to the name who saved us

… Jesus, the Son who gave us

Second chances, sweet grace, a way

… to live beyond our darkest disgrace

And light up the path we take!

Thank you for your blessings

The salvation that filled my heart

With all that is good, all that is love

All that is this miracle so alive – Thank you!

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