Praising the King

The heart, the soul

Are all aglow

With love that rains down

Hope and joy

Peace and passion from above

Lighting the spirit

With sensitivity, fulfilling

Every thought, each dream

Beautiful grace

Sent on the wings of faith

The wonder of a love

Flowing through the veins

Inspiring such trust

Belief that awakens thanks

To the One who gives

His ultimate gift

The life that He lives

Dying on a tree

Inviting me to be free

Through His deliverance

From the darkest grief

He is the Savior

The One who makes a way

When all hope was lost

He always knew the cost

But still went to the cross

The miracle of His love

Fills hearts with assurance

He will always be available

Answering prayers

With His tender compassion

Pulling the lost

From the murkiest waters

Keeping them secure

In the arms of a harmony

So warm and pleasing

It feels like He has overcome

The loneliest night

The demons of fright

The dread of a plight

That seeks to destroy

His love is a gift

That gives unconditionally

With joy and faith

Abundant hope and grace

A light that never fades

With His still small voice

He gives us all a choice

And we can call upon His name

Whisper through faith

He relieves all pain

Paints the soul in hues

That glow with adoration

His love is forever stirring

Hearts to overflowing

I’m so thankful – eternally praising my King

He is my everything!

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