Reach For The Peace

Unable to make it on my own

I reach for His hand

My light, my hope – the answer

To the prayers I have prayed

The ones where I tell Him

To come close and be my aide

When I can’t make it

Not even another day

I call out to my Savior

And He answers my call

With kindness and mercy

Grace that prevents me

From falling without Him

The One who always

Makes a way to find peace

A way to unearth the joy

A way to restore all I’ve lost

In the battle toward the cross

Not even my best friend

Can help me when I’m down

At my worst, without a chance

I feel like I’m buried in the sand

Reaching toward the dream

Without possibility of coming out

Of the darkness, the storm

That surrounds me with its fury

Its pain, doubt and disillusionment

There are moments in my life

When I hesitate to believe

Can I walk away from this strife?

It is so furious and fights in me

For the precious peace of mind

That I need to finally be free

Of the dread that haunts my soul

With despair, fear – I am desperate

To find a way out of these shadows

Of pain, regret, shame – anguish

Never let the enemy make you believe

Jesus won’t come to help you

When you’re in need, He will be there

Lighting the path toward joy

Coloring the heart in wonder and grace

Filling the soul with a love that gives

Hope and peace – a whisper of gentleness

The assurance that your needs

Will be comforted, soothed by the belief

That you have in this Jesus

Who is everything, everywhere, every

Anticipation for answers prayers

Yes, there comes the blackness

When we fall beneath the silhouettes

Of gloom and despair, fear that defeats

But there is such a wonderful truth

That comes alive on the heart who chooses

To believe in Jesus and His amazing blood

Which covers the sins of every heart

With the assurance that salvation is won

By believing in a Savior who died

Rose from the grave and went home

To sit on the right hand of the Father

Who will bring us all home to heaven

After this troublesome life is done!

Just believe and find the peace

That only Jesus is capable of bringing!

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