I don’t always know the road to take

Many times, I feel like a plain fake

I don’t always know just what to pray

So that God’s grace will not delay

I don’t always know how to give praise

Even though His love will always amaze

My heart is not as tender as I hope

I don’t always know just how to cope

But I know a friend who abides within

He saves my soul from mortal sin

I don’t always know the words to say

But I know One who won’t lead me astray

I don’t always know the resolutions

Though He gave us the substitutions

The forgiveness for all our worst wrongs

Filling us with compassion which belongs

To the hearts and souls who know Him

As the Savior, the grace behind each hymn

My heart and soul aren’t perfect or sure

I don’t always feel like I’m fully mature

But I know someone who is wise and astute

His love, His saving grace He does impute

To those who believe in Him, trusting love

To bring the soul to eternal life above

I don’t always know… no, I don’t always know

Yet, inside my heart, His light is all aglow

So I can be sure, without a doubt or fear

His light and love bring joy I can revere

Inside my heart, there is a still, small voice

Reminding me, because He lives, I can rejoice!

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