Saving Grace

Grace sings…

In glorious praise

Heaven’s healing, hope

Riding the waves of inspiration,

Laughter, light, gratification

Grace smiles…

Sending peace and promise

Rare joy, breathing from a heart

Felt by the music, the rhythm

Poetry, psalms, wisdom

Grace breathes…

Silencing all the worries,

Reassuring, inspiring, charming

Filling the spirit with wonder

Miracles, blessings, dreams

Grace frees…

Comforting the soul

Soothing away all the hurt

Restoring the melody of light

Sparkling, shining, rousing

Grace stirs…

Coloring the heart

In hues of serenity, amity

Peace that is like a solace

Healing, heartening, gentling

Grace whispers…

Intimate truths, belief

To the soul who knows He is

The way through every distress

Splendor, sensitivity, glorious

Grace brings…

Adoration, celebration, worship

For the One who made all life worthwhile

The One who abides inside to provide

Assurance that His love will never doubt

Grace believes…

Beholding all the splendor

His kiss against the spirit

Rustle of silent contentment

Embracing, enfolding, awakening

Grace knows…

His love is much stronger than pride

When He forgives, it is forever – surviving

All the sorrows, the darkness, the weariness

His love erases every tear that appears….

Listen to His love – grace soothes every fear

Listen to His glory – the light upon His face

Listen to His music – creating joy as we praise

The One who brings the answers, the way…

To reach beyond our concern, so we can learn…

Of One who inhales faith and exhales a way

To breathe life – real life, from His saving grace!

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