Search Me, Jesus

He knows my every thought,

Every inkling, every part

My spirit, the depths of my heart

How I feel – How I kneel

The good and bad, happy and sad

He knows my deepest dreams,

My joy, my smile, my peace

The kindness that I give others

The way that I seem uncertain

Everything that leaves an impression

He knows my worries, my courage

My inspiration, hope and insight

The spirit of light, sincerity

Feelings so wonderful I can’t speak

The way they satisfy my every need

He knows my doubts, my silent prayer

Every whisper of sympathy, care

My song of praise, my honest thanks

The wonder of a dance

With His Holy Spirit, His gracious gift

He knows my longings, my compassion

My breathe of gentle affection

The laughter that abides on the inside

Caressing my thoughts with expectation

Promises of wise and warm blessings

He knows my comings and my goings

The way I feel when a prayer is urgent

My fears, my tears – every darkness

Shadows that leave me feeling lonely

Peace that is with me – In my core

He knows the whispers of my soul

The goodness that lives because of Him

The way that I try and try again

My mind’s temptations and the faith

That abides in the center of His authority

He knows me better than I can even say

He knows my spirit – deep within

He knows when I frown and when I grin

He gives me so much – mercy and love

Assurance that He is with me – through it all!

He is the best person I’ve ever known

I’m so thankful I experience Him

The Savior of my soul, my assurance

The hope that abides inside

When I can’t even find a way to survive

Because of Him, I always endure

Discovering blessings through every trial

He is my pleasure, my motivation

He is the One who shines with a holy fire

Burning away any darkness that falls on my soul

Psalms 139:1 (KJV) O Lord, thou hast searched me, and known me.

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