Second Chances

My heart is overflowing

With a love that just keeps growing

Lighting the path toward hope

Leaving me weightless, like a feather

More alive because we’re together

My mind is filled with joy

Laughter and love, amazing power

Whispered to the heavens

On the rays of lemon sunlight

Reflected in the stars

As they twinkle through the night

Exciting the sapphire skies

My thoughts are flooded with

Joy, feelings that simply destroy

The shadows that might harm

That sinking feeling of wrong

The darkness in the storm

Your presence is like a promise

Assuring me of the happiness

That flows through my veins

Uncovering the whisper of grace

My dreams are sometimes alive

With the brilliance of intimate skies

Filled with hope and faith

Colored in hues of silent prayers

Awakening the soul to its praise

To a Father who brings out the way

Toward freedom, redemption

Salvation and the second chance

That comes from giving in to His wisdom

And leaning on the word, the One

Who guides our hearts toward home

My heart is bursting with radiance

Vibrant twists and turns

Of laughter, joy and truth

Brought alive by the sounds of goodness

Discovered on the wings of mercy

Brought to life inside where I know

There is only this hope, this belief

That God is alive and He brings peace

Beyond understanding, a shining

Example of His love, His kindness,

His wisdom and strength

The reason He gives us all

A second chance

He is a God of second chances

A God of light and laughter

A God of redemption – filled with

The zeal that will thrill spirits

Send tingles of fulfillment

Wake up the sleeping soul and kindle

A reason for living on the edge

Of a sincerity, a serenity – a faith

That gives from the depths of its place

Amid the worries and sorrows and reasons

To let go of this opportunity

To share God’s deliverance with those

Who need, most of all, to hear of Him!

Jesus is the reason for every thought

Every feeling on the heart

Every desire from the soul

The rich and brilliant hope that flows

Through veins that are alive with

Sensations of sweet faith

Salvation comes – not to those who wait

But to those who repent and praise

Those who know Jesus brings a second chance!

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