I sought Him in the twinkling eyes

Of a kind and gentle soul

One who showed their insight

Into whispers of faith and hope

One who shared their joy

Their warmth, gentleness and courage

One who listened to the yearning

For a vibrant love who appreciated

The light that heaven sent

I sought Him in the warmth

Of an empty bottle where pain lurked

There amid the shiny laughter

Bidding adieu to the anticipation

The expectation of a friend who would be

Like a brother, so sure and wise,

He would look me in the eyes and smile

Promising that with the drinking

There would be the sincere inkling

Of music that would surprise

With its inspirational voice, its life

I sought Him in the thrills

The excitement of dreams coming true

Bringing confidence and promise

Felt by the heart who was optimistic

Believing that these adventures

Could rouse the heart from its tranquility

Bring alive the assurance of forever

Where He left my heart’s yearning to believe

He would be found when I would seek

With all my heart, mind and spirit

With everything that I could feel

I sought Him in the sadness

Where I felt like there was madness

Through the shadows of doubt and pain

Amid the sorrows that life would bring

In the worries, regrets and disappointments

Where I never had thought to look before

It was there that I discovered more

Love than I had ever hoped for

More peace than my mind could imagine

More comfort that I had ever known

I sought Him during the good times

But found Him when I was at my worst

It was there, amid prayers for relief

That I discovered His kindness, His peace

The way He would silence the screams

Of a pain that longed to destroy me

It was there, in the worst, when I found

The answer to my prayers, my hunger

For a God who is louder than thunder

He brings grace to the one who is in need

Frees the spirit from its sin and disbelief

Reminds us that He shares the opportunity

To listen to His advice, overcome our strife

And learn to really live and grow through this life!

This God is a God of peace

And He fulfills my every need!

All I had to do was believe!

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