Sing to the Heavens

Sing to the heavens

All you who are weary

Burdened and depressed

Feeling like there is no way out

Sing to the heavens

All you who know worry and doubt

Pray for a light in the darkness

For encouragement from failures

For a way to hope for better

For joy that rings true

Amid the sorrow and despair

Amid the worry that haunts you

Sing to the heavens

And listen to God whisper

It is a still, small voice

Filled with inspiration

He will color your dreams

In laughter, joy and peace

He will bring you serenity

Amid the worry and indignity

Of pain that leaves you feeling

Like He isn’t really listening

Sing to the heavens

Praise Him in the storm

He is a light in the darkness

He is a guide through the cyclone

He makes a way where

There has been no way before

He silences doubts and discouragements

With kindness that reaches out

Reflects all the love in a prayer

Sing to the heavens

All you who linger in disbelief

Hear the Holy Spirit

Whispering and bringing peace

To the heart who hears

God amid the rain that pours out

A blessing that nourishes and assures

God is in full control and His heart

Is open to those who He loves

And, His love will guide you home

Sing to the heavens

And silence all of your suspicions

God is a rising hope

In the heart, soul and spirit

He will help you make it out of

The shadows that send you to a prison

Of sorrow, shame and madness

Brought on by a lack of belief

Sing to the heavens

Listen to the voice of God

He will help you to make it

Through the sorrows and the hurts

He will lead you out of adversity

Send you to a place of joy and hope

Fill you up with laughter and light

Pour faith over your heart and soul

And help you to always know

He brings the wonder of a love

So honest and bold that it sends grace

To every heart who needs love

To every soul who bleeds gloom

To everyone who needs Him

The answer to every heart’s dream

The reason for a faith that believes

The joy, the peace, the friendship

That is alive and never ends

Sing to the heavens…

He is life and He makes the spirit live!

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