Song of Praise

I want to thank You, my Lord

For the blessings so splendid

Proof positive that I’m adored

Beyond my heart’s own yearnings

With a love that won’t be ignored

It’s alive with wonder and joy

Sharing a love that is of one accord

Filled with light that pours out

Blessings that are my full award

I want to thank You, my God

For the joy, hope and wonder

Of a love that won’t be flawed

A love that is like the breath

That sings through me, awed

I feel like I’ve been sanctified

With a blessing so wide and broad

It shows my heart what it means

To love beyond, like a shield, an ephod

I want to thank You, my King

For the praise that dances inside

With a beauty and love you bring

To stir my soul to the quiet dreams

Of hearts who believe as they sing

In voices meant for adoration

Of the beloved to whom I cling

With my soul’s admiration, my faith

That silences every worrisome thing


Thank You, Jesus, for the light

Shining like the wonders so bright

Freeing my soul of its fright

Whispering peace at your sight

Reminding me why I’m truly alright

A living testament to shine, excite

Assure the spirit of one contrite

Who is meant to love with pure delight

Praise God for this love I can recite

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