Spreading Peace

His touch is gentle, like a whisper

Breathing joy through the spirit

Sighing hope into the silence

Remembering to smile, to listen

At the edge of each kindness

His kiss is tender, like the quiet

It rests on the spirit, singing

A lullaby of inspiration, imagination

Boundless stirring of praises

Promises of the goodness, the wonder

His love is alive, stirring up light

Filling the heart with elation, pleasures

So amazing, awakening the feelings

With grace that leaves traces of appreciation

Through the hearts who know His laughter

His is a life of giving, stirring up the glow of feelings

Inside those who know Him as Savior

Inside the ones who believe in His grace

Inside those who need Him in ways

That say He is the answer to their prayers

With praise, I pray for my faith in Him

To never linger in doubt or hesitate to give to Him

All the love that He inspires within.

He is the One who I will always need

With Him, I know what it is to spread peace

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