The Comforter

He is interested in more than

The enormous happenings

Like worries and wars, weakness’

Darkness that shadows

Even the most beautiful thoughts

He cares about the little things

The flowers, the moon and the stars

The sunlight flickering through the trees

The mountains, the seasons, the winds

The joy that comes from His gentleness

He listens to the smallest prayer

For a promise that lives to become

A actuality as wonderous as a dream

A truth that survives every dread

A breath of hope within the spirit

He stirs up the inspiration and wishes

Of a heart who is alive with sensitivity

Magnificent faith that falls on souls

Who know that His love is eternally

Blessing everyone who truly believes

He shares His Holy Spirit with the one

Who knows that He lives inside, abiding

On the heart who feels so close to Him

Accepts the love He gives with praise

That comes from the spirit of sweet grace

He leaves the mind questioning His embrace

The love that comes from a tender gift

Comfort so soothing it feels like a chance

To reach beyond the world into the heavens

Where He shines His light always and forever

He sends down His love to those who know Him

And feel His presence with them in every prayer

Through every scripture reading, each devotion

He lingers on the thought of one who knows He is

Alive within the heart and soul, always so earnest

He will never leave the heart who knows His love

Is the one thing that makes life seem so good

It is the hunger for His kindness that stirs fires

Of passionate yearnings – desire for His miracles

Brought to life inside the soul who sincerely believes

He listens to the big prayers and the small prayers

He never turns a deaf ear to those who are heartfelt

Prayers that lift the spirit with generosity and altruism

The thoughtfulness of those who love without conditions

Because they listen to the One who hears the prayers they send Him!

John 14:18 (KJV) I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.

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