The Message

I spent so many years searching for the way… to joy and peace, a feeling of security. There were days when I was lost among the worries and fears. My tears were always there for me, in hues of darkness, a murky grief. I wasn’t always who I am today. I searched for love in strangers I’d meet. I sought love in the crowds, in dreams, in seas of silent souls who were only there to consume my kindness and let me touch the exhaustion of my weakening compassion. I rummaged the cities and towns, explored all the wonders I found, combed the expanse of the mountains, grasping at hopes that would only bring despair. It took me many years to finally see… this way that I sought was darker than the shadows that lifted when I finally knew, it was the wonder of wonders, the prince of peace, the king of kings, who I needed to seek. It took only moments to finally believe that Jesus was alive – living in me, and I’d been set free! Oh, yes, I believe!

love lifted me up

poured joy in my empty cup

freed my heart from sin

Haibun- With A Message Poetry Contest

Sponsored by: charles messina

November 12, 2021

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