The Son's Light

He sees my tears

Brushes them away

With a gentleness

Beyond kind and mild

He knows my feelings

When my heart is breaking

Soothes my anguish

When I simply can’t take it

He understands my fears

The darkness that haunts

With shadows of despair

And He fills me with hope

He recognizes my doubt

The clouds so very black

Fills me with assurance

That I will find solace

He appreciates my longing

For the mercy He gives

When I can’t feel joy

He rains down His promises

He realizes I’m a sinner

Forgives me when I repent

Shares His endless love

Even though I’m so desperate

He understands my desire

To know His light, a raging fire

Of inspiration, glowing insight

The revelation that is alive

He distinguishes the difference

In my needs and wants, gives

Me the ones that I surely deserve

With assurance of His pure love

He discerns the dreams I have

Challenges me to listen to His spirit

When I pray for His will to be done

And He silences my lingering worry

He grasps my faith that is a gift

From His own hand, His whisper

Of a love that shines bright, radiating

More beautiful than sunshine…

Shining on my soul with the Son’s Light!

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