The Soul Will Fly

There are things I take to the Lord

Little things – sometimes more

Important things, like pain and sorrow

Whispers of insight, melancholy

Darkness and dread, joy’s caress

A longing, a hope, a dream of the best

There are memories, inklings, visions

Reminders of light that I might have left

Behind me, shimmering like sun or stars

Laughing to be praising Him with all their

Might, coloring the heart in hues of faith

Peace and inspiration, a song of pure grace

Some things are huge, bigger than I could say

Life changing thoughts – inspirational truths

Lingering promises that come from the spirit

Wisdom and strength caressing the naked feelings

With serenity and sensitivity, an abundance

Of breathless imaginings to brighten the world

There are reasons I can’t possibly explain

That I pray for His love to penetrate like rain

Nourishing the laughter, the kindness, the praise

That is nurtured by this faith so alive it displays

A grace beyond picturing, a grace that is intense

Penetrating the very heart with its fervent gift

There are thoughts that I take to my Father

He always listens and continues to guide me

Through the shadows and doubts, the dread

That sometimes fills me with fear and brings

A tender tear… to haunt my soul with sorrows

Leave me wondering about what comes tomorrow

There are hues of inspirational wonders

Feelings that bless, thoughts to ponder

Gifts of prayer and faith that is aware

Our hearts and our souls are God’s favors

Silencing our worries and filling us with

Creativity, brilliance, a muse so amazing

There are hearts that pour out hope

Souls that empty minds of all disquiet

Light up the darkness with imagination

Read through the poetry of the spirit

Dispelling all fear and awakening sincere

Appreciation of God who is our guide

There are reasons I can’t possibly reveal

Truths to be told, answers that unfold

The warmth of a blessing, the gratitude

The gratefulness of a soul who knows

God is the answer – He is the only hope

He is the master of everything we know

God is the only One to cover us in love

Love so amazing it shines like the stars above

And reminds our spirits to fly like a dove!

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