There Was A Time...

There was a time

When life seemed so kind

I was young – full of light

Energetic, sparkling, alive

Shining like the morning

Sunlight on my heart

Joy in my thoughts

There was a time

When I was so confidant

Nothing seemed unsure

Life was never a burden

Everything felt fresh and new

My heart and soul – my dreams

Were filled with tender faith

There was a time

When I didn’t hurt or whine

My life felt just right

Nothing brought me fear, a tear

The worry that destroys,

Darkening the moments, discouraging

Saddening and worrying

There was a time

When I was young – in my prime

I didn’t know the meaning of pain

Heartbreak was a fleeting thing

Dreams were new and alive

Filled with laughter – sweet smiles

Compassion that restores, revives

There was a time

When I didn’t let the past interfere

With my ambitions, my peace,

My desires and feelings

When all my life was filled with promises

The future was sure, a confirmation

That my hopes were being satisfied

There was a time

When I was so young – in my prime

That time has past and today

I look for ways to thank the One

Who makes a way for my heart and soul

To touch on the joy of His glory

The wonder of His peace and love

There was a time

Yes, there was a time

But the time has come and gone

And, still, I linger on…

Awaiting that heavenly home

Where I will meet the beautiful Son

Who sits beside God’s throne

There was a time… Yes, there was a time!

Read Ecclesiastes 12 from God’s word

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