Walk In The Light

Darkness falls, crushing the life out of smiling

Sunshine rays, pouring breathless

Hues of grace – inspiration …

Through the spirit who remembers the dawn,

Its uplifting whispers and smooth smile

Enchanting as the kindness it portrays with

Blessings breathed from the golden light

Darkness betrays every caress, each kiss

From the musical prayers emptied

On the clear, luminous thoughts, the prayers

Prayed from virtuous hearts,

Pleas for promises, rich and vibrating

In tenderness, gentle musings… alive

Like the color of faith and the crisp echoes

Silent sun, erasing every doubt

Repeating the hope that is everlasting

Dancing beneath a lively, healing ball of courage

Darkness erects a wall of despair, dread

For the days when clouds wipe out

The impressions of energy quietly sparkling

In an azure sky, as the world passes by

Thinking only thoughts of compassion, peace

Serenity brought to mind by this precious rising

From a Son who knows that our souls

Are in need of saving – in need of an awakening…

Darkness drives home the word “No”

While the Son sings of faith and blessings,

The “Yes” that survives every night

Promising to rain down its pure, sweet light

As the breath of dawn invites the whole world

To sing psalms and praises… to touch the One

Who raises up the Son to save everyone!

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