War's Words

Hearts are heavy, burdened

By worry and fear, a darkness

Coloring thoughts in dread

Breaking through hope and joy

To leave anxiety and concern

Panic about what might come

Hearts are scared, apprehensive

Wondering what might happen

To the world who is being consumed

By terror, shadows of gloom

Will war bring our fears into reality?

Our worries to an actuality?

Hearts are aware that the conflict

Has gone far beyond our assurance

There is catastrophic tragedy

Spoken of all through the world

Will this trouble condemn everyone?

To a battle no one can comprehend?

Hearts are nervous, agitated

By an alarm that dims the best dream

A dread that feels like it is murkier

Than the dirtiest, most dismal waters,

A dread that is so terrifying….

Will this fight claim lives we know so well?

Will war bring an end to our heart’s hopes?

Will we reach out to find all we love is gone?

Will our hearts know the answer to prayers…

Prayers only God can solve or bless…

Please pray for His help, His blessing, His grace

Pray for the chance to give Him all the praise!

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