Well Done!

I ask God to help me

When I can’t seem to pray

The sorrows are all around me

I just don’t know what to say

I ask God to show me

When I can’t find the way

Darkness compels me

To seek out the light of day

I ask God to guide me

When I’m lonely and afraid

Fear is like a monster

To discourage and dissuade

I ask God to relieve me

When I’m feeling so much pain

Heartaches are distressing

There seems to be nothing but rain

I ask God to accept me

When I’m unworthy of His mercy

Forgiveness is my yearning

Worries bring so much controversy

I ask God to protect me

When I’m restless and uneasy

Troubled by the darkest dread

Repulsed so I’m feeling queasy

I ask God to never leave me

When I’m not sure what to expect

Discouragement is all around

Reminding my heart of its defect

I ask God to always love me

When I feel so unlovable, so forlorn

Like I can’t make it here

In a world where I cry and mourn

I ask God to answer my prayers

When I need grace to survive

The tests of life, the darkest times

So that I can live and thrive

I ask God to always abide

When I can’t see the light

Shadows of despair surround me

Raining down like the dark night

I ask God to fill me

When I need love so alive

That I will always give away

Love that will delight, revive

I ask God for His Son

When I knew He was the only One

Who could truly make a way

To hear the words, “Well done!”

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