Where His Love Abides

There was a time when I was so young

I was uncertain, didn’t know which road

Was the right one, the way for me to go

The place where I’d discover wisdom and more…

…. Peace and love, grace from above

There was a time when I thought I was strong

Everything in this world was there for the taking

Nothing in life seemed beyond my grasp

And life felt like a place where I’d really make it

But I was wrong… doubt and fear began to haunt

Me with their dread, the darkness pierced my hope

… leaving me unsure of just how to cope

There was a time when I want to catch the moon

The longings in my soul were alive, dancing

Inspiring my thoughts, my heart, my life… to believe

In the dreams that moved through my spirit

Promising to color my life in the beauty of His blessings

… but I found that I had to pray, find His will

… there on my knees, I petitioned

There was a time, when I was just a little girl

Although I felt like I knew all the right ways, answers

That would fulfill my heart’s quest, assure me of the best

I felt like I was sure – like I knew just what I should do

But it wasn’t until I prayed, heard from God’s breath

That I was steady and loyal, a constant source of truth

…. Someone who knew, absolutely

…. The will that makes me feel worthy

…. And understood

There was a time when I thought I had it right

But, when I prayed and sought the God of love

I found that I was wrong – so very imperfect

But, with prayer and praise, through His grace

I began to know what it is to have a sure faith

To know the inspiration that comes from His favor

The serenity and sincerity that are alive on the inside

…. Where the love of God survives

… every darkness, each doubt

There was a time when my life wasn’t really right

With the One who makes a way where there was no way

The One who silences the disbelief and reassures, relieves

Promises the soul that there will be a peace on the inside

A calm that survives every tear that erases all pride

With a love that is so alive, it dances – a waltz of joy

… providing the soul with salvation that defies

…. The shadows of worry, pain and despair

There was a time when I was so very young, so naïve

But the One who saved my soul – He comforted me

Reassuring me that I could dream and believe, know relief

That comes from trusting in His grace – with a faith

Devotion to the One who makes every light reflect the love

That is alive, beautiful – the wonder of a heart and soul

… who know He is the only One to stir the spirit

… into a selflessness, a soothing, a generosity

That comes to life where the love of God does abide!

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