Who Am I?

He told us – I am the way, the truth, the life

I’m telling you that He is the One I adore

He is the balm for my soul, the presence who I know

Brings me peace, gentle hope and a sweet relief

From the sorrows that litter my thoughts

The darkness that risks my light being put out

He told us – I am the way, the truth, the life

I’m telling you that His grace is the answer to my prayers

His wisdom shines bright through my smiles

His kindness is like a glimmering delight to my heart

He brings me the chance to dream and believe

The opportunity to reach beyond the stars

To the shimmer that caresses my very heart

He reflects the love that lives on my life

Penetrating through the pain, sorrow and grief

Destroying sadness, anger and all the other things

That dim my light and bring shadows across my life

He is the One who I need to color my thoughts

In joy and laughter, the sweetness of the hereafter

Reminding me why I’m alive and giving insight

Into my dreams, my fears and all the things

That fall across my soul, singing to my mind

In vibrant whispers that let me know I’m alive

He is the One who brings hope to my life

And I am the one who prays for His light

To fall across my soul, enter my mind, infuse me

With a love that is stronger and more wise

Than any feeling I’ve ever known, any warmth

Caressing my heart with a joy beyond hope

A joy that comes from knowing the One

Who creates and gives and lives in heaven

Where I’ll someday meet Him and greet Him

With gratitude that shines in my eyes like stars

Twinkling embers of thankfulness and appreciation

For the love that He’s shined down on my world

He is the King of Kings and I am merely His disciple

The child who longs to please, one who knows, believes

That His forgiveness has set me free to be

Filled with joy, peace and faith – a freedom that is greater

Than any dream I might have dreamed

For I’m free to live the way He planned for me

Before I was even conceived – I’m so very thankful

That I believe – that I know the King of Kings!

First and foremost, I am His

If you’re looking for answers

Repent and believe…

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