With All My Love

He listened to my worries and fears

Taught me about love and joy

Inspired me to listen to the heart

Find the wonder in a smile

Lift up my brother so he could see

The light of our Father

Burning from that long ago tree

He left me feeling like I was worthwhile

Even thought I didn’t know why

He colored my hopes in vibrant feelings

Placed kindness on my soul, a sense

Of what it means to let go and let God

Finding the answers in the word

Where He left me so many tender verses

He poured out His wisdom upon my spirit

Sent His angels to guide me

Reminding me that I can find the strength

Even when I’m feeling so alone, so weak

He encouraged me to give all I can

Liberally, generously, without any demands

With a heart who knows what it is

To whisper I love you from gentle tears

He graced my dreams with burning passion

Rained down His blessings on my soul

Filling me with sensations of gladness and warmth

Stirring the hopes that bind my reveries

With faith that keeps believing

In spite if the worries and fears, the anxieties

That keep me filled with needless doubt

Damaging even the shadows of promise, prospects

With discouragement, despair and darkness

He lifted my heart from the filthy ruins

Of loss and loneliness, disbelief, confusion

Helping me to remember that I can do

Anything that I believe in my heart

He has for me – be it big or small, obvious

Or like a invisible detail, a thought

Love born of compassion, consideration, care

For the one who knows that God

Is alive and well, living on the inside of those

Who pray for His guidance and direction

He showered me with a love that is beyond compare

It lights up the darkest night with joy

Arouses the broken heart to hear, to admire

All the music that comes alive on the soul

Who knows that His love comes to give us so much more

Than we have ever had before, more joy

More peace, more tenderness, more faith, more

Of everything that is good and of God

He heals and fills the soul with love that is beyond

Any hopes or dreams, beyond the thinking

It is rich in sensations of faith and gives unconditionally

He made a way where no way had been before

Let me know that I am His child

The apple of His eye, blessed like no one else

With a blessing that comes to life

On my heart and soul, in the pores of my smile

He prompts me to always know

His love is an open door, an opportunity

For discovering the warmth of a home in heaven

A place I’ll be given to keep forevermore

As I praise the One who gave me so much love

Love that I will always be sure of

Love that is alive inside my soul, opening minds

Opening hearts and filling us all with

The One who knows we were bought and paid for

By His light, His love, His life

He is the answer to every need

Just pray and say

Jesus, make a way where there has been no way

And listen to His reply with faith

Belief that He is all we ever really need

With Him, we are complete

In Him, we find hope, faith and love

He is the answer to everything

And He is the One I’ll love eternally!

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