With Him

You’ve been inspired

By light, love or laughter

He is inspiration… creativity

The vision and motivation

He stimulates prayer

While answering with blessings

He is so wise… He reflects

The muse of all creation

You’ve felt sweetest hope

Brought out of joys so warm

He is the hope that burns

Passionate and enthusiastic

Adoring, loving, tender…

Like a fire fervent within

Where His hope begins

You’ve felt gentle grace

Alive like expressions of peace

Whispering softly into the heart

Illuminating the darkness

With a sense of His beauty

His intimate glory – His mercy

You’ve felt love beyond words

Love that is alive, fiery and flushed

With the intimacy that arises

From hearts and souls thriving

On His nurturing promises

His healing, His joy, His wonder

Love that is bigger than the oceans

More alive than the flames of hope

More beautiful than any art form

More brilliant than the shining sun

His gifts are more abundant, more perfect

Than our hearts could ever wish for

His gifts are breaths, like a soft kiss,

Breaking through the worst feelings

To caress the spirit with His nature

The thrill of knowing Him intimately

With Him, I am fully blessed

With Him, I know what it means…

To find peace in the silence

To find hope in the quiet

To find grace in the stillness

To find love in His soundless melodies

With Him… I know what it is to believe

With Him… I know what it means to be free!

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