Wonder of Wonders

This is the wonder of wonders - That God blessed us with such a confession of His absolute glory! ~ Quote by Poet

Dazzling dewdrops

Slide slowly, brilliant, vibrant

Across the petals so wise

With singsong beauty

In hues of praise, sweet grace

Reflections of joy

Penetrating dreams, awake

Collections of flowers

Buds stirred to life

By the melody of birds

Tunes, softly sung

Rising to the laughing sun

Who welcomes the morning

With lemon yellow tones

Echoing sparkling rays

Across the edge of an azure sky

Deep shadows, forlorn

Whisper comfort to the moon

Shimmering in its night

Beckoning to the twinkling stars

Signaling the silent ease

Of a bright kindness

Overflowing the glow in the sky

Reminding hearts just why

There is heaven in sight

Wonders of the moment

Squirrels scampering to and fro

Laughing at the oak

Who never seems more bold

As its branches grasp

Turning with the winds

Awakening a sense of tenderness

In the reverberating gales

Thrilling the air with promises

Of the lone love story

Will this flicker of hope

Drown out the darkness

Returning courage

Jubilant strength and mercy

To the soul who knows

His touch is on the whole

Embracing the world

In a aching love that longs

To be shown, exposed

By the sensitivity of nature

It’s insight into the spirit

It’s prudence and sagacity

It’s understanding and amazing

Way of giving every heart

Pleasure that is like a smile

Soft, easy, filling the face

With rays of sunshine intimacy

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