You Are ALIVE!!!!

You smile down

Your lemony dawn

Whispering joy

Through my thoughts

Inspiring my heart

To listen to the grace

Pouring over me

With a song of praise

You laugh through the skies

Brightening my life

With music that never fades

It’s sweet and awakens

My soul to the radiance

Of silent sighs

Reassurance, breathtaking

Serenity, so soothing

So captivating

You gentle even the wind

With your kindness

Your mercy and peace

The way You have, so generous

With love that is healing

Stirring the soul to believe

Coloring the life

In soft swirls of appreciation

Sense of admiration

You baptize my spirit

In faith that comforts, uplifts

Guides me through

All the worry and fear

Pain, struggles and tears

Encouraging me to keep dreaming

Keep believing in my dreams

And listening to the Holy Spirit

Who dwells inside of me

Breathing hope into my yearnings

Sighs so calm, so consoling

I know the love that You give

Is a love that will forever live

You are the One

Who makes my life complete

You light the heart and soul

With love that is devoted

To giving, fulfilling, revealing

All the wonder of Your gifts

The kindness that sustains

The beauty in everything

Your love is like a star shining

Down into the thoughts

Coloring the mind in hope

Forbidding the heart to pine

Leaving only the glow

An extraordinary love

Burning through the dark

Stealing the hearts

Who know that You are alive

You are mightier than time

Your light will forever be mine

Thank You, dear God

For Your light, Your love

Your inspiration and encouragement

You are wise, insightful, compassionate

And, I love YOU!

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